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Foundation and development
The original foundation of EurAqua dates back to 1993 when members from six countries, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland and Italy, began to work informally together.
After the first formal Board Meeting on 29 November 1993, the membership was extended to all 12 EU countries with the exception of Luxemburg and Portugal. In 1994 EurAqua had ten members.
In 1995 at the fourth Board meeting the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland joined EurAqua as new Members. Portugal joined in 1995.
In 1999 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the 16 countries.
In April 2002 the EurAqua Management Board decided to invite members from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and the SlovakRepublic to join the network.

Slovenia formally joined the network at the 26th Management Board Meeting in 2006.

Management Board Meetings
Since 1994 two Board meetings have been held each year. According to adopted practice the meetings are organised by members in turn.

The Secretariat remains within the same member for a two-year period. Until now the following members have served as the Secretariat for EurAqua:
·                            1994-1995 Cemagref
·                            1996-1997 BfG
·                            1998-1999 RIZA
·                            2000-2001 LNEC
·                            2002-2003 SYKE
·                            2004-2005 CEH
·                            2006-2007 NIVA
·                            2007-2009 NIVA
·                            2009-2010 Irstea (formerly called Cemagref)
·                            2010-2011 Irstea
·                            2011-2012 Deltares
. 2012-2014 Deltares
.                            2014-2015 Deltares