Till startsida

Science collaboration and development

Europe faces numerous water challenges that cannot be understood by research institutes working in isolation. Collaboration is more needed than ever and EurAqua seeks to enhance science development through stregthened links amongst members.

Science collaboration can take many different forms, such as the development of common proposals in response to calls for projects/ tenders, knowledge sharing, or dissemination.

Science collaboration is the main action undertaken by EurAqua partners and, as stated in its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, it will be promoted whenever possible.

A few examples of science collaboration:

  • Project setting and development: An important objective of EurAqua is to initiate and develop multiparty research projects. Since its creation, EurAqua partners have been involved in more than 80 European-funded projects (a full list is provided on the page "European Funded Projects"; this list is updated on a permanent basis)