Till startsida

Science-policy interface

Water is a big concern for European society. Europe faces a number of challenges linked to both insufficient water quality in many regions and scarce water quantity in others. The implementation by Member States of the European Directives set out by the Commission aims to respond to these challenges.

Science can support the definition and the implementation of EU Directives but scientific results for policy-making are only useful if they do actually reply to decision makers' needs and they are provided at the time required.

Bridging the gap between science and policy-making is not an easy task. Indeed, scientists have to develop a very good understanding of policy-makers' urgent needs. The scientific and the policy-making communities cannot therefore work separately; communication between them is essential.

EurAqua is very attentive to policy-makers' needs and as such, it organises meetings with members of the European Commission (General Directorates for the Environment, Agriculture, and Research and Innovation). Members of the Commission frequently participate in Management Board Meetings.

The draft of position papers allows EurAqua to comment on current or upcoming policies/ roadmaps and therefore to propose recommendations at the EU policy level.

For more information on position papers, please refer to the page "EU agenda setting".