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Scientific and Technical Reviews (STRs)

In the period 1994-2003 EurAqua published 10 Scientific and Technical Reviews (STRs). These used to be an annual event in EurAqua, that provided a forum for discussing specific freshwater research issues and defining joint priorities for European research. STRs addressed topics at the forefront of European freshwater research and defined a benchmark for expertise in the chosen area. Conclusions and recommendations were forwarded to decision-makers and stakeholders.

However, since 2004, it was decided that the STRs should be replaced by other activities within EurAqua. Past STRs are available for download below.

STR 1 Pdf, 11.3 kB.: "Land Use Change and Water Resources". Wallingford, UK. 1994. Recommendations.

STR 2 Pdf, 55.6 kB.: "Optimizing Freshwater Data Monitoring Networks including Links with Modelling". Paris. France. 1995. Summary.

STR 3 Pdf, 58 kB.: "Management and Prevention of Crisis Situations: Floods, Droughts and Institutional Aspects". Rome, Italy. 1996. Summary. Country papers (zip Zip, 442.8 kB.).

STR 4 Pdf, 117.1 kB.: "Let the Fish Speak: The Quality of Aquatic Ecosystems as an Indicator for Sustaianble Water Management". Koblenz, Germany. 1997. Summary and recommendations. Country papers (zip Zip, 1.2 MB.).

STR 5 Pdf, 46.4 kB.: "Farming Without Harming: The Impact of Agricultural Pollution on Water Systems". Oslo, Norway. 1998. Conclusions and recommendations. Country papers (zip Zip, 1.6 MB.).

STR 6: "Urban Water Management". Lisbon, Portugal. 1999. [No summary currently available for download] Country papers (zip Zip, 1.4 MB.).

STR 7: "Water Modelling as a tool in river basin management within the Framework Directive". Madrid, Spain. 2000. [No summary currently available for download] Country papers (zip Zip, 61.6 kB.).

STR 8: "Good Ecological status: Reference conditions for surface waters". Helsinki, Finland. 2001. Proceedings. Recommendations Word, 25.5 kB.. Presentations Pdf, 1.1 MB.. Posters Pdf, 899.4 kB.. Papers (I). Pdf, 812.3 kB. Pdf, 812.3 kB.Papers (II) Pdf, 1 MB.. Papers (III) Pdf, 916.4 kB..

STR 10: "Improving Freshwater Research for the Benefit of European Society Wallingford", U.K. in 2003. Papers (zip Zip, 1.3 MB.). Presentations (large zip-file Zip, 18.3 MB.).