Till startsida

Experimental Basins

Atlantic Basin Deltares (NL)

The Atlantic Basin, built in 2009 is a multifunctional facility and at present the only one of it's kind in the world. With its total size of about 650 m2, waves and (tidal) currents can be simulated.

Delta Basin – Deltares (NL)

The Delta Basin (50 x 50 m) is a multidirectional wave basin, equipped with 2 multidirectional wave generators, placed at a right angle to each other. The wave generators are capable of generating both regular (periodic) as irreguler (random) long-crested or short-crested waves according to both well-known frequency-directional distributions. Both wave generators are equipped with online Active Reflection Compensation, which effectively eliminates re-reflections of waves from the wave board.

Experimental Basin – NTUA (GR)

Experimental basin of Athens (National Park of Schinias) is a basin where  hydrologic and hydro-geologic measurements are taken and used in hydrologic research.

Intake and Outfall Basin  – Deltares (NL)

Deltares has a long term (>30 years) experience with scale model studies of pump sumps and other intake and outfall structures for a diversity of systems, including cooling water, desalination, sewage water treatment and irrigation systems.

Shallow Tanks - FCE (HR)

Both of the tanks are insulated in a steel-lined basin. The first is 13,8 m long, 5,0/3,6 m wide and 1m deep. The second one is 18 m long, 8,4/5 m wide and also 1m deep.

The Pacific Basin – Deltares (NL)

The Pacific Basin is a multifunctional wave current basin, which is used for coastal and offshore related projects in which 3D effects are important, e.g. breakwater heads and foundations of offshore structures.