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Biogeochemical Laboratory  – Deltares (NL)

Soil and water are home to a complex range of microbiological and geochemical processes that have a major impact on the quality of soil and water, but also on the objects and materials they contain, such as pipelines and sheet piling. The Deltares Laboratory has the expertise and facilities to answer all sorts of questions about these effects.

Calibration Station of Current Meters – T. G. Masaryk (CZ)

Czech Calibration Station of Current Meters (CCSCM) is calibration laboratory accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute, p.s.c., in accordance with the Czech version of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

The laboratory has no. K 2278. Calibration of cup-type and propeller-type current meters (in accordance with ISO 2537) and other hydrometric devices (electromagnetic and ultrasonic), which can be calibrated according to ISO 3455.

Centralised Analytical Chemistry Facility – CEH (UK)

The Nutrients team analyses a range of water, soil and vegetation samples from projects across the whole of CEH. Over the years we have produced data for many of the long-term monitoring projects running within CEH. We also offer analytical facilities to newly established research projects. Many, but not all, of our methods are UKAS accredited to ISO17025

Gamma facilities – CEH (UK)

Our laboratory has ten hyper-pure germanium detectors used for determining gamma emitting nuclides such as 137Cs, 134Cs, 131I and 40K in a variety of environmental sample geometries and matrices. The detectors are calibrated for efficiency using a mixed radionuclide standard which covers an energy range of approximately 59-1850 keV.

Physical-laboratory – Deltares (NL)

The Physical Laboratory (PhL) provides a broad array of different instruments, methods and research opportunities to determine the (geo)physical and biological characteristics of waterbed material, soil- water mixtures, industrial slurries and ores. The laboratory facility supports all groups of Deltares in their advices and research.


Medium-large scale evapotranspiration and soil water content sensor network - IRSA (I)

In water scarce areas it is of outmost importance to deliver to water managers scientifically based information on actual crop evapotranspiration and soil water content in order to drive irrigation and rise alert in flood forecasting. Cosmic-ray solar moisture probe (COSMOS), Large Aperture Scintillometer, Eddy Covariance set, Electric Resistivity Tomography (ERT).

Demonstration and pilot scale water treatment plants for wastewater depuration, reuse and valorisation - IRSA (I)

IRSA has a long term experience in study, design, and operation of pilot and demo-scale wastewater treatment plants, with specific focus on non-conventional biological and surface filtration technologies for effluent reuse in irrigation.

Reference environmental chemistry/biology laboratories - IRSA (I)

State-of-the-art analytical technologies for the analysis of trace metals, microbial and micro-pollutants; FISH.