Till startsida

Strategic agenda

After three years of discussion and consensus amongst members, EurAqua has delivered its first Strategic agenda in June 2019, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary event of the network.

The agenda lays out a number of priority research themes for the network in the next few years based upon the expertise and the ressources available within each member. Projects on each of these research themes may be made operational through either the in-kind contribution of members or the direct financial contribution provided by EU instruments (Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Interreg, Joint Programming Initiatives, etc.)

The priority research themes identified in the agenda are:

1. Environmental quality and human well-being under climate change

1.1. System Understanding: Monitoring and assessment

1.2. Solutions: Combinations of technical restoration measures

1.3. Solutions: Catchments, rivers and deltas management and governance

2. Climate Change and natural hazards

2.1. Flood Research

2.2. Drought and water scarcity

3. Cross-cutting issues

3.1. Digital technologies and (big) data

3.2. Experimental facilities

The priority themes and the specific contents of the agenda are discussed in Management Board Meetings and updated if deemed necessary.

Strategic agenda of EurAqua Pdf, 2.8 MB. (June 2019)