Till startsida

EurAqua position on priority research needs to better achieve the objectives of the Water Framework Directive

Despite the measures taken by Member States, many water-bodies still fail to reach the water protection objectives set by the WFD. This paper presents EurAqua’s views regarding the knowledge gaps for which further research and innovation efforts are required in order to enhance the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and attain the objectives therein. The paper highlights research and innovation challenges along the following themes:

  • Cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary basin wide management
  • Enhancing the ability to assess WFD Status & reducing monitoring costs
  • Pressures & Response - Developing efficient Ecosystem Restoration Trajectories

EurAqua believes that addressing the Research Development and Innovation gaps here presented will not only strengthen our ability to reach the objectives of the WFD and the Sustainable Development Goal, but will also make Europe the international leader in water management.

The paper has been discussed with EC DG Environment and DG Research and has been presented to the Strategic Coordination Group of the Water Framework Directive.

The position has been endorsed by the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER).