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EurAqua Webinar: Human Health and Water in a Changing Environment Developing a European Response to Pandemics
(including Covid 19)

Monday 7th December 2020

This Webinar was set within the framework of EurAqua's vision and mission as the European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations. The Webinar aimed to address research and innovation in the European Water Management sector particularly in terms of and Covid 19. The Webinar addressed the relevance and opportunities for novel approaches and cutting edge research within the context of Horizon Europe, the Green Deal and the JPI Water 4 All partnership initiative. The general approach of the Webinar was to promote an open exchange of information, ideas, knowledge, practice and know-how in water management, natural water system dynamics, water investment and infrastruture and water quality control, all within the context of human health (including pandemics and Covid 19). This Webinarbrought together a diverse set of speakers addressing the challenges at the Water-Environment-Health nexus including knowledge gaps and the impacts of policy.

Read the Webinar Report (28.2.2021)



  1. Anna-Stiina Heiskanen: EurAqua - European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations - 25 years of
    Research and Competence at the service of European Freshwater Management
  2. Fabrizio Stefani, IRSA-CNR, Italy: SARS-CoV-2 in wastewaters and rivers: the IRSA-CNR experience in one of the most affected area, the Milano Metropolitan Area (Italy)
  3. Fraser O’Halloran, Policy and Public Affairs, CDP Europe, London, England: Insights from corporate disclosure on water and wastewater management.
  4. Kristiina Vuorio, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Freshwater Centre, Helsinki: Impact of browning on aquatic food webs and ultimately on human health
  5. Vivien Pohl, Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute, TU Dublin, Ireland: Water Pollution and its importance in human health.
  6. Gertjan Geerling, Water Environment & and Health, Deltares, Delft, Netherlands: One Health – How to prevent infectious diseases transmition in freshwater systems

After general introductions the programme consisted of 10-minute presentations followed by 5 minutes of questions. The individual presentations were followed by a summary presentation identifying knowledge gaps and research directions in the context of EurAqua, its member organisations and current European research and policy platforms.


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